9500LIBERTY_USH PRESSWe have to keep ourselves informed and educated. This is one to watch on TV…

Tr3s recently acquired the television rights to 9500 Liberty. The critically acclaimed documentary chronicles the social and economic impact that a contentious immigration law – closely resembling Arizona’s SB 1070 bill – had on a county near Washington D.C. in 2007.

9500 Liberty makes its television debut simultaneously on Tr3s, MTV2 and mtvU on Sunday, September 26th at 8pm (ET/PT), as part of Hispanic Heritage Month.

Like the Hispanics affected by the immigration law that was enforced in Prince William Country, Virigina, millions of US Hispanic viewers will benefit from watching Tr3s’ 9500 Liberty, and will feel compelled to become politically active to stop racial profiling.

Don’t miss it!

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