The TV networks held their upfronts this week showcasing their planned programming for the rest of the year.

Telemundo and Univision announced their upcoming shows and we’ve got the details for you.

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Univision will air a customized version of Televisa morning show Hoy which we already told you about. They also plan to launch three cable networks in the coming year – one each dealing with sports, telenovelas and news…which we also told you about.

Univision has two reality shows in the works which include Protagonistas, in which aspiring actors get a chance to be seen by living in a house where their movements are recorded 24/7, and Pequeños Gigantes, a reality talent competition for kids.

The telenovelas include:
- Dos Hogares (“Two Homes”), about a couple who fought all odds to get married, only to find out his mother disapproves. Then, the husband disappears.

- La Fuerza del Destino (“The Power of Destiny”), about a man of humble means who flees Mexico when framed for a mobster’s murder. He later returns to face the ghosts of his past.

- Una Familia Con Suerte (“A Fortunate Family”), about a socialite with a terminal disease who learns her beloved nephew is counting the days until she dies.

-Talisman following a woman who thought she had everything until the man of her dreams dies. She meets another man, falls in love – and finds out the first guy is still alive.

Telemundo also announced a new lineup that included four new telenovelas, Amor de Película, Caídas del Cielo, Física o Química, and Una Maid en Manhattan based off the movie Maid in Manhattan.

The company also said it would add “Premios Billboard de la Música Regional Mexicana,” an awards show dedicated to regional Mexican music….but, again, you already knew that.

- Amor de Pelicula (“Love … Just Like in the Movies”) is a quirky romance between a budding filmmaker and a corporate executive, which includes jealous rivals and other hurdles.

- Caidas del Cielo (“Fallen From Heaven”) revolves around three beautiful, strong, childhood friends who grew up to be female bodyguards.

- Fisico o Quimica (“Physical or Chemistry”) is built on the interpersonal dynamics between parents, students and teachers in an urban high school. It’s based on a hugely popular series in Spain.

- Una Maid en Manhattan (“Maid in Manhattan”) is a love story about an upper-class guy who falls in love with a housekeeper at a posh New York hotel.

Sooooo, what are you most excited (or not) about?????

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