Oh no, Tómbola.

The show that ‘merged’ Escándalo TV and La Tijera premiered on Monday on Telefutura and it was no good.

It does take time for the chemistry to spark between television hosts but Andres Garcia Jr. and Alexandra Rodriguez lack that special quality that makes them likeable and worthy of our attention.

We love us some Marisa Del Portillo, Tanya Charry, and Carolina Sandoval – and they could probably handle the show by themselves – but they still didn’t give us enough reason as to why the network scratched the other two shows for this one.

Additionally, there was a long segment that was VERY Tijera-like with the same old bickering and arguing as always.

Oh, and they tried to start a story with a ‘BOMBA’ alert which was the most lackluster and dull bomb ever in Telefutura history.

AND let’s not even get started on the fact that one of their reporters is a puppet! Yes, a puppet! We have a headache.

Ay, we miss Escándalo.

Did you watch??? What did you think???

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