celia+cruzTelemundo will be premiering “Celia”, a musical series inspired by the Queen of Salsa, Celia Cruz.

An executive of Telemundo told “Billboard” that they promise to show a side of the young Celia that most people probably aren’t aware of, saying: “Yes, she was incredibly talented and driven, but she also didn’t know what she was getting herself into.”

They also discuss Celia breaking into the industry:

“The Cuban music scene was male-dominated [in the ‘40s and ‘50s], and Celia’s own father was adamantly opposed to her becoming a singer. There was a stigma at that time of women participating in the entertainment industry — they were perceived as easy or as someone who would walk down a bad path in life, so it’s interesting because it sets the stage for the woman that Celia would eventually become.”

This should be GOOD!!!!! AZUCARRRR!

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