nbl“Nuestra Belleza Latina” is back for another season…this time with a twist.

The show is bringing back finalists from the nine seasons and offering them a second shot at the crown.

NBL VIP will also feature surprise participation from past titleholders including reigning queen Francisca Lachapel (2015), Aleyda Ortiz (2014), Vanessa De Roide (2012), Nastassja Bolivar (2011), Ana Patricia Gamez (2010), and Alejandra Espinoza (2007).

Check out the contestants and where they originally auditioned HERE.


· Diana Cano, (Ecuadorean, from New York)
· Catherine Castro, (from Puerto Rico)
· Leticia Castro (Mexican, from Las Vegas)
· Zoila Ceballos, (Dominican, from New York)
· Patricia Corcino, (from Puerto Rico)
· Berenice Guzmán, (Mexican, from Chicago)
· Miriam Hernández, (Mexican, from Texas)
· Setareh Khatibi (Mexican, from Los Angeles)
· Martha María López, (Cuban, from Miami)
· Clarissa Molina, (Dominican, from New York)
· Valeria Moreno, (Colombian, from Miami)
· Bárbara Moros, (Venezuelan, from Miami)
· Josephine Ochoa, (Guatemalan, from Los Angeles)
· Cynthia Pérez, (Mexican, from Los Angeles)
· Marina Ruiz (Mexican, from Miami)
· Prissila Sánchez, (Mexican, from Texas)
· Susie de los Santos (Dominican, from North Carolina)
· Karol Scott, (Venezuelan, from New York)
· Nicole Suárez, (Colombian, from Chicago)
· Bárbara Turbay, (Colombian, from Miami)
· Ligia Uriarte, (Mexican, from Texas)
· Anna Valencia, (Mexican, from Los Angeles)
· Fanny Vargas, (Mexican, from Texas)

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