irinaIrina Baeva quit ‘Mira Quien Baila’ and now she is explaining why.

At first, she explained that it was due to an injury she sustained while rehearsing. Although production doctors cleared her to dance, she says her ribs are still giving her a hard time.

Irina surprised everyone by leaving the show.

However, she is now providing more info. She told Javier Poza that she did not know what kind of show it was. Irina thought it would be more dance competition and less reality TV.

She said “Yo no pensé que fuera un reality, o sea, ya independientemente de todo lo que pasó, de mi lesión, una de las cosas que yo entendí, que yo aprendí, que por eso va a ser una de las razones por las que voy a agradecer ‘Mira quién baila’, el estar en un reality va en contra de mi personalidad.”

The actress added that it’s already hard for her to have privacy and she is not one to put all of her personal life on cameras for everyone to see.

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