rashel+adamariDaniel Sarcos is leaving “Un Nuevo Dia” – he confirmed the news himself.

He broke the news while on set with his cohosts, saying he was ‘separating’ from the show because he signed a deal with the La Lotería de República Dominicana and it would be impossible to continue doing both.

Daniel released a statement saying “Mi hasta luego tiene sabor a logros, me llevo conmigo una familia increíble, cinco nominaciones a los premios Emmy, tres ganados; cinco Premios Billboard Latino animados, así como dos Premios Tu Mundo… Tanto a mis compañeros de Telemundo como al público que me sigue, les reitero que los llevo siempre en mi corazón y se que nos veremos muy pronto.”

It’s being said that there was a little more to his saying goodbye than his getting a new job in DR.

Word on the street is that Telemundo was not going to renew his contract anyway…and that he figured it out on his own. He asked when he would be traveling to Russia to cover The World Cup and was told that he wasn’t.

The network did give him the space to speak on the morning show and even thanked him for his work on social media.

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