crashmun2 is premiering a new show on Saturday, November 23rd at 5pm ET/PT.

It’s called “Movie Crashers” and it’s a 30-minute movie review series hosted by Crash, mun2’s go-to movie crasher,

It offers viewers an energetic and engaging experience into the world of film, covering all genres from horror films and animations to comedies and documentaries.

We wanted to know more about the show so we got in touch with Crash to discuss!

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mun2 estrena un nuevo show este sábado, 23 de noviembre a las 5pm.

Se llama “Movie Crashers” y se trata de una programa de 30 minutos en donde se habla de las nueva películas llegando al cine. Crash, la más fanática de las pelis en mun2, será la conductora de esta divertida serie.

Nos ofrecerá una experiencia energética y encantadora sobre el mundo del cine, cubriendo todos los géneros desde horror, a las animadas, de comedias a documentales.

Quisimos saber más sobre el programa así que nos comunicamos con Crash para charlar sobre este nuevo proyecto!

Aquí nuestra conversación…

Crash Interview / Crash Entrevista

So it’s called “Movie Crashers”. Tell us about the show.
Basically it’s a 30-minutes of movie reviews and interviews. A show to give you pretty much everything about all of the movies coming out. We have sneak peeks and all of that fun stuff. Think all-access!

You’ve been doing this for a while, this just makes it more official.
The whole reason I work in the business is because of television and film. I’ve been fortunate to do movie reviews for the past four years and now so many actors feel comfortable with me and it’s like having a conversation with Crash.

Will you be hitting up independent films and Latino projects?
Oh yeah! We are definitely going to cover all genres. We also want to highlight documentaries. So from blockbusters to horror films to independent.

What’s your favorite movie?
The first movie that was the most influential to me was “Cabaret” with Liza Minnelli. That to me was the “crème de la crème”. It had everything I aspired to be. A young woman who had a dream to become something bigger than her circumstances were.

You get to talk to many A-list actors face-to-face. Do you ever get starstruck?
More than I’d like to admit. The most recent one was with Jennifer Aniston. I grew up on “Friends”. When I interviewed her it was crazy. I was like “Oh my God”, I hope I don’t ask the wrong questions, but she has such awesome energy and I was like everything is OK.

Hispanics represent a huge part of the movie-going audience, yet we are hardly represented on screen. What do you think of that?
I ask myself this all of the time. There are so many Latino actors out there that should be working and on the screen. I think it’s about us Latinos being more vocal. I was talking to Amy Garcia and she went to the director of “Robocop” and they were looking for an Asian person to play the scientist and she asked if it could be a Latino scientist. So sometimes it’s about not being scared. There are so many ethnicicties not represented.

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