When we heard that Felipe Viel was the new host of MegaTV’s Esta Noche Tu Night we smiled because we’d be seeing him back on TV…but we also wondered what happened to the previous host Alexis Valdes.

It’s actually not that complicated.

Alexis was with the show for five years and he wanted to renovate it – which meant a financial commitment from the network and they are just not prepared to do that right now.

So, Alexis decided it was time for him to say goodbye to the nightly program and MegaTV once his contract ended.

He said:

“Friends I will not be continuing on Esta Noche Tu Night. It’s a difficult but necessary decision. Thank you for your support for five years. We’ll see each other around. Soon. I won’t stop doing comedy…I won’t stop acting…I won’t stop making movies.”

He just acted in a new film and has recently written three movies so it sounds like he’s got enough to keep busy.

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