Spain’s King Juan Carlos was hospitalized for a surgery that he got on his right knee.

Some media and Spanish citizens were worried that he was in the hospital for something more serious than a simple knee operation.

The Royals have released the following statement to ease the public and clarify a bit:

“His Majesty The King will travel this afternoon from Barcelona to Madrid, after completing the first post-operation days of physical therapy, of which he received for one week at Clínica Planas. He has completed the first phase of his recovery that, from this moment and for several weeks, he should continue with daily physiotherapy treatment at his residence at Palacio de la Zarzuela. His Majesty was operated on his right knee for arthroplasty on June 3rd, at San José de Madrid Hospital, and was released on Sunday, the 5th. According to the medical team that attended to His Majesty, his recovery is very satisfactory.”

Feel better, King!

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