sofia+JOESofia Vergara has been busy planning her dream wedding with Joe Manganiello.

E! News caught up with the Colombian beauty and she told them, “It’s going,” when asked how the wedding planning is going so far.

“You know it takes time,” she adds. “It’s gonna be something very important for me, so we’re trying to do it right.”

And as far as when this monumental occasion will take place, Sofia revealed to E! News that choosing the right day wasn’t a difficult task at all. She said:

“Oh yeah, we knew since the beginning what date.”

Hmmm, so anniversary maybe?


Sofia Vergara está bien ocupada planeando su boda con Joe Manganiello.

E! News habló con la actriz colombiana acerca de la boda, y ella dijo, “Ahí vamos.”

Sofia reveló a E! News que ya tienen la fecha de su boda. Dijo:

“Ah sí, desde el comienzo ya decidimos en la fecha.”

Hmmm, tal vez el aniversario?

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