sanz+shakiraAlejandro Sanz is saying NOT SO FAST to Maluma.

You see, the Colombian singer is going around sharing that he was the first artist to sing in Spanish at the MTV VMAs and therefore made history.

However, Alejandro is letting him know that he is wrong. The Spanish singer posted a video of his performance with Shakira in which they sang ‘La Tortura’ back in 2005 at the awards.

He didn’t boast or brag, he simply talked about how proud he is of that performance. The timing is particular because his fans have been attacking Maluma for getting his info wrong.

This isn’t the first time that Alejandro and Maluma go head-to-head. Ale criticized Malu for making fun of one of his songs on Instagram a few months ago.

Hey, Maluma, you can say you’re the first artist to sing in Spanish at the VMAs…since 2005.

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