selena+suzetteWhy did Suzette Quintanilla remove the roses that Chris Perez placed on Selena Quintanilla‘s star??

As we told you, Selena received a posthumous star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame – and there are questions now about Suzette possibly hating on Chris during the event.

The family gathered to take pics with the star and the fans yelled for Chris to join them as well.

When he walked up, he placed white roses on the star and the crowd cheered. Moments later Suzette removed them. So what gives??

She explained on social media, saying “You guys know me, so to be straight up real with my words , people need to stop criticizing and ASSUMING moving the beautiful roses that Chris left was intentionality done to be ugly to him. CMON now, you all know me and know that would never be the case. I was ask to move them to take pics and the roses were returned after pics were taken.”

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