Selena Quintanilla has impacted the Latino music industry with all of her legendary songs, and the memory of her remains very vivid in all of her many fans!

Now, 17 years after her tragic passing, her family has put together a tribute album to commemorate her: Enamorada De Ti.

This new production features 10 original songs, 5 of which are duet collaborations with Cristian Castro, Selena Gómez, Don Omar, Samo and Juan Magán.

The central theme of the album is to “bring Selena’s music into today’s world of popular music” with musical styles from reggaeton to EDMs such as electrolatino and club. The new generation of Selena fans will take the message that the impossible is possible with the release of this sensational album.

Acceso Total had the opportunity to sit down with her family to talk about this new album and the significance it holds to them. It’s one of those interviews you totally don’t want to miss.

CLICK HERE to check it out.

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