rosieRosie Rivera has a new book out titled “Mis Pedazos Rotos” – and in it she touched different topics like the abuse she endured in her younger days and, of course, Jenni Rivera.

She told “Hola” that writing about the abuse wasn’t difficult because she has healed from that and learned to cope. However, when chapters 15 and on talk about her sister Jenni and she says that it was a difficult process to manage.

“De los capítulos 15 en adelante, donde hablo de mi hermana, sí que por supuesto he llorado muchísimo. Ahí sí es muy difícil, todavía estoy en el proceso de sanar sobre eso. Sí, hablar de Jenni aún es sumamente difícil,” she told Hola as she fought to fight her tears back.

We’re not sure it ever gets easier.

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