rosario+dawson+almaRosario Dawson was the recipient of the 2013 NCLR ALMA Awards Outstanding Commitment to Cause and Community award and being the activist she is, she gave a fantastic speech touching on many topics.

Since it was live television, the interrupting music indicating her time was running out came on and she stopped then decided she would go for it by reading her speech very very fast.

The music stopped then started up again and she was eventually cut off and her mic turned off.

Even though she didn’t get to finish, her drive and commitment was inspiring and everyone immediately stood up to applaud her!

That being said, we decided to publish her full speech here so everyone can enjoy. CLICK HERE to read!


Rosario Dawson recibió un premios especial por parte de los Premios ALMA Awards por sus causas benéficas y altruistas que benefician a la comunidad hispana y, siendo toda una activista, ella dio un discurso conmovedor que tocó varios temas.

Por ser televisión en vivo, la música que indica que ya se va a acabar el tiempo de hablar la interrumpió y ella dejó de hablar por un momento pero después decidió seguir leyendo sus palabras de una manera rápida.

La música paró pero luego volvió hasta que al fin le apagaron el micrófono.

Aunque no logró terminar, su compromiso a terminar inspiró a todos y el público la ovacionó de pie.

Por eso decidimos publicar su discurso completo aquí para que todos tengan la oportunidad de leerlo.

Rosario’s speech/Discurso de Rosario

Thank you distinguished members of the National Council of La Raza and the Alma Awards for acknowledging and presenting me with this humbling recognition, but also for the opportunity to celebrate our heritage, our culture, our community, and our achievements, with every single person in this auditorium and all of you watching at home – our family.

Tonight, I am joined by my mother, Isabel Celeste, whom you also honor this evening because it is through her sacrifices, her dedication, and her love and nurturing, that I have become the woman I am today. I recognize and remember my grandmother, Isabel II, who dedicated herself to our family and for leading by example with her unconditional love and unapologetic acceptance of all people.

I accept this award knowing that despite continuous challenges, new and old ones alike, challenges, which could easily dampen the most optimistic of hearts, we have strived, we have pleaded, and we have given it our all to push through those obstacles because the grand, yet attainable visions we have for our families and our communities far outweigh any challenge that comes before us.

From lobbying to ban single use plastic bags with Environment California, so as to prevent them from clogging our water ways and choking the oceans of our beautiful water planet to dancing in solidarity for VDay’s One Billion Rising, with millions from over 200 countries and territories around the world to end the cycle of violence that cripples our girls, boys, women and men alike, to Voto Latino’s summits that encourage, inspire and educate our youth to not only register and vote, but also how to run for office, build campaigns and be the effective advocates and activists they hope to be, to the opening of The LESGC’s 30,000 square feet of awesomeness (planetarium included) in November, and their sister orgs in New Orleans, Nepal, Chiapas & now Sierra Leone & Scotland, my work has always been in honor of those who supported and educated me. Thank you to all of the organizations who’ve given me the opportunity to promote & share a vision of the world that we can all be proud of.

I accept this award with a hunger, not only to do more, but to do more TOGETHER. Because when we band together, fight together, with passion and optimism and like-minded ideals, when we do that, there is absolutely NOTHING that can stop us. We’ll be able to look our grandchildren in the eye and say, when that problem struck my family, my community, my world this is what I did, because they will ask. ..We will smile when we tell our children how we fought to protect access to women’s reproductive services, how we improved access to quality education that they themselves benefit from, and we will tell them how we fought like hell in 2013 to pass comprehensive immigration reform. We will read to them pages from the AMERICAN history books that our generation helped write, so that our grandchildren will follow in the legacy of service and write the history books of tomorrow.

I am accepting this award, and the encouragement it represents, with gratitude and acknowledgement that we have indeed accomplished a lot. But with so much work to do, on this night, in this moment, let’s accept the challenge our forefathers left us, to be the change we want to see. As Steve Jobs once said, “Those crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.” So? Let’s go crazy!! Thank you!

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