rose+robertRose McGowan and Robert Rodriguez have very different recollections of what happened during the making of “Grindhouse” in 2007.

The two were dating and Rose had confided in Robert her disturbing encounter with Harvey Weinstein – and, somehow, the movie ended up in the hands of the infamous movie producer.

In preparing for the release of her tell-all book “Brave,” Rose told “Vanity Fair” in a lengthy interview that Robert used the information about her alleged rape by Harvey Weinstein against her while shooting the movie.

According to the article, “he proceeded to use the knowledge against her as a tool for mind games, starting with a scene in which Quentin Tarantino, playing a character in his movie, attacks Rose’s character.”

The article further states, “In what Rose interpreted as the ultimate act of cruelty, Rodriguez ‘sold our film to my monster.’”

Robert presented a more empowering and supportive narrative of the making of the film last October through “Variety”. The filmmaker said he told Rose after she revealed the alleged assault that “if she wanted a role that I would write it for her and Harvey’s company would have to fund it. Rose agreed, and the deal was done.”

He went on to write, “It felt really good at the time to realize we could use our art form to help Rose right a serious wrong in both how he victimized her years earlier, but also what Harvey was doing to a wonderful actress by blacklisting her and keeping her from working with filmmakers that would have wanted to work with her.”

Those are two VERY different stories!!

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