Nana+pelucasYoutuber Pamela Montenegro del Real, AKA Nana Pelucas, has been murdered.

She was gunned down by two men Monday evening in Acapulco.

According to local press, Montenegro was shot at her own restaurant, Todos los Santos, in the Costa Azul area of Acapulco.

Montenegro had a channel on YouTube, called El Sillón TV, on which she used to interview public officials and voice her political positions.

Her assailants fled the scene and a motive has not yet been determined. However, local media reported that Montenegro could have been assassinated by drug cartels because of her social media content.

In the past, the video blogger has been accused of working as a government informant and being the administrator for an Acapulco forum which made anonymous accusations against alleged gang members fighting for control of the city.

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