Actress Dolores Salomon, better known as ‘La Bodoquito‘, has died of respiratory failure.

Carmen Salinas announced the death of her longtime friend on Twitter, saying:

“Sigue la tristeza en el medio artístico, acaba de fallecer en el hospital 20 de noviembre Dolores Salomon La Bodoquito mi sentido pésame…Abrazo con amor a la Fam. De Lolita Salomon La Bodoquito que acaba de fallecer. Dios le de su eterno descanso, y consuelo a su familia.”

According to reports, La Bodoquito was suffering from a strong bout of depression stemming from her husband’s throat cancer diagnosis and her best friend dying earlier this year.

She also had medical complication due to her obesity and, at one point, she was hospitalized with 40 tumors.


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