We were never fans of Jenni Rivera‘s music and all we knew about her were the scandals that were constantly in the news – and our site.

Then we saw how she interacted with her fans and how she was truly dedicated to each one of them so we decided to tell her up front and to her face that we didn’t really like her but our opinion was starting to change because of those actions.

A bond was instantly formed.

It was evident that she liked our boldness and candor and we liked that she was always simply Jenni.

Most people don’t know that we would often message each other. Sometimes just over something we’d see on television but other times it was to simply say ‘what’s up’.

Jenni was also someone that we confided in before we launched our sister site RegionalMex.com – and we felt so proud to know that the queen of that genre had our backs.

We discussed the entertainment industry, personal info, and even had names for one another. She called us ‘hun’…we called her ‘crazy’.

Right now we want so badly to look down at our phone and see a message from her.

We will miss our friend.

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