hiromiHiromi has died.

The former “La Academia” singer passed away due to complications from her pregnancy.

Reports coming out of Mexico indicate that she had internal bleeding. Her baby, named Julieta, had died the day before in the womb.

Hiromi was operated on twice to control the bleeding – but she later suffered four heart attacks.

Her mother shared details of her last moments, saying “Ella volvía y volvía del paro. Al suceder el cuarto nos hablaron para decirnos que había fallecido. Estábamos en eso cuando le hablaron al doctor para decirle que había vuelto a tener signos vitales y dos minutos después nos dijeron que ya no.”

Doctors told Hiromi’s family that cases like this are so rare that they only happen every 20 years or so.

She was excited to have this baby as she was posting on social media letting everyone know the updates. So so sad.

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