50AB0A39-F366-4DE5-8C5B-756FDF227412Armando Vega Gil of the Mexican rock band Botellita de Jerez was found dead at his home and it was reported that it was a suicide.

He had just been accused of abusing a 13-year-old fan when he was 50 on a Twitter account dedicated to the Me Too movement against Mexican musicians.

The story was sent and posted anonymously. The alleged claim narrated that Armando has harassed the young via msn messenger telling her sexually explicit things.

Armando responded in a lengthy text he posted on his Twitter account too moments before taking his life with a caption that read: No se culpe a nadie de mi muerte: es un suicidio, una decisión voluntaria, consciente, libre y personal.

In his response, he categorically denied any and all accusations and apologized to anyone who ever felt uncomfortable by his words, attitude, or macho ways.

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