Ricky Martin is on the new Para Todos cover.

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On how life has changed with his kids
Well to start with, I was totally nocturnal before. Now I wake up every day at 7 or 8 with my kids, and I love it. I prefer the day to night now. Every day there is something new, every day I learn from my kids, I think more than what they learn from me. They have taught me the importance of the simple things in life.

On his new record having songs about love
I didn’t want to limit myself to just speaking to a specific audience. I left my lyrics open, so that a man could sing the words to a woman, a woman to a woman, a man to a man and a woman to a man.

On the title of his album title “Musica + Alma + Sexo” (Music + Soul + Sex)
Music because my life is music, soul because I have just gone through one of the most spiritual moments of my life, and sex because life without sex, isn’t life.

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