fanny_lu_2642818Fanny Lu has come under fire for a recent comment she made about Ricky Martin.

Reporters everywhere are annoyingly asking every celebrity what they think about Ricky’s coming out and Fanny was one of the famosos to respond.

She said:

“Qué desperdicio, no? Es que está muy guapo… pero bueno, eso es otra cosa. Me da gusto que sea feliz, que haya tomado una decisión que le permite llevar una vida sin máscaras y a plenitud”

Some media outlets are turning that statement around and playing with the word ‘desperdicio’.

It’s literal translation is waste, as in trash, but Fanny meant it in a joking manner that it’s a loss for women because he is so good looking.

We know Fanny and she is totally gay-friendly and twisting her words to mean something else is wrong.

We do not have another Paquita on our hands!

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