Lupita+ValeroLupita Valero is beauty queen that is proud of her humble roots.

On TV Azteca’s “Mexicana Universal”, it was revealed that Lupita is getting some hateful comments on social media simply for being a waitress. People are poking fun at her for not being wealthy.

One of the judges asked her about this, and she said “Me han humillado, me han dicho malas palabras, me han mirado y se han creído superior a mí.”

Lupita when on to say that her mom is a simple merchant and her dad is a cook – and thanks to her waitressing job she has been able to study and is about to get a degree in fashion.

She then added a killer comment for someone that tried bullying her by saying she wears huaraches, a traditional Mexican sandal. Lupita answered “Leí un comentario donde decía ‘todas se ven muy guapas, pero a la de Guerrero se le notan los huaraches desde lejos. Yo quiero decirle a esa persona que sí, traigo los huaraches y me los amarré bien antes de llegar a este concurso, porque estoy orgullosa de lo que soy y de dónde vengo.”

We are loving Lupita!!

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