Voz de Mando is, without a doubt, one of the most original and successful bands to emerge from the world of norteña-music in the last several years.

Proud sons of Sinaloa, Mexico, Voz de Mando, however, was conceived and cemented as a group in Los Angeles, California, in 2009, where they set their sights at fusing the authentic ranchera norteña sound with the tuba instrument, so typical of Sinaloa.

The result was explosive songs with great energy and bravía. In addition to this effervescent style, Voz de Mando has also shown incredible musical flexibility, with ballads that surprise us with their sincere lyrics and heart-felt melodies.

Voz de Mando’s success is the result of pure hard work—the band released its first two albums independently.

Acceso Total is proud to present to you this exclusive interview and live concert with the guys from Voz de Mando. Let it speak for itself: amazing! Don’t miss it!

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