luis+coronelLuis Coronel and several big stars of the Regional Mexican music genre have come together on one parody video.

Don Cheto, Chiquis Rivera, Voz De Mando, Pepe Garza, Diana Reyes, Ana Barbara, Helen Ochoa, La Chupitos, Noel Torres, Adriel Favela, Jonatan Sanchez, Alfredito Olivas, Graciela Beltran, Los Rodriguez de Sinaloa, Lupillo Rivera, Joss Favela do their own version of Taylor Swift‘s “Bad Blood”…all to send a message to Donald Trump.

We LOVE the high-quality production and it’s always a kick seeing celebs come together on one project, but we’re not so sure this is quite effective.

Yes, they are parodying Taylor’s kick-ass video, but it doesn’t really help the cause against Donald’s racist stereotype that Mexicans are violent when the response is Mexicans called ‘El Sicario’ and “Rompe Huesos” carrying guns, bullets, knives, and other weapons.

CLICK HERE to watch the vid and tell us what you think.

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