Already in 1992, Los Temerarios were doing things like this: making 130,000 people slow-dance in a huge arena in Mexico City. It is still considered the largest mass-dance in Mexico’s history. From the years it all started back in 1977, 20 albums later until today, this group of two brothers, Adolfo and Gustavo, have just gone about their business: selling more than 45 million albums worldwide!

Los Temerarios’ astonishing accomplishments cannot be easily compared with other Latin-pop acts: they are widely credited with spearheading the “movimiento grupero,” the fusion of Mexican traditional ranchera music with international pop, using electronic instruments. Their love-ballads are anthems for millions of broken hearts and hearts that search for love again.

This time around, Los Temerarios are back with a brand new album, “Mi Vida Sin Ti,” which is already generating praise and excitement among the band’s millions of fans.

Recently, we had the opportunity to talk with the brothers. It is incredible to witness the humbleness and openness with which they refer to themselves and their fans, and the touching stories Adolfo and Gustavo shared with us.

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