chiquis+lorenzo+exLorenzo Mendez‘s ex and mother of his children is seriously pissed that he went to Chiquis Rivera‘s album release party instead of spending time with his daughter on her birthday.

Claudia Galvan took to Instagram to post “One day you’ll be alone and regret not being there. You’ll regret the birthdays and holidays missed. You’ll regret not watching her grow up and being in her life. You regret everything and by then it will be too late…”

She added “K tristeza k ahí hombres k corren tras un culo k sus hijos.”

Claudia then responded to her followers with more words in the comments section, saying “Just Bc a man pretends to be a good father in social media doesn’t mean he is pero si te consta pues tu síguele defiendo al vale verga de padre de Lorenzo.”

She added that Lorenzo missed out on his daughter’s birthday party to try and get back with Chiquis instead. Claudia mentioned “Le voy a aclarar algo yo no quiero nada con Lorenzo es más ni Janney ya lo mando a la chingada pero por andar rogando dejo a su hija para su fiesta de cumpleaños pero es muy buen padre”

To seal the deal, Claudia continued with “My daughter is in spring break and that piece of sh*t said he had to work when in reality his out I LA begging for his chiquis to forgive his sorry ass instead of spending time w his blood and being there for her bday party but priories are f*ck*d up always have been.”

To make things very clear, she said her rant is not against Chiquis. Claudia finished with “I have nothing against her, she’s not the father of Victoria.”

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