NUP_173527_2431.JPGAlan Ramirez, vocalist of Banda MS, was shot this weekend in the Polanco area of Mexico City.

After performing at a concert at Auditorio Nacional, at approximately 1:15 am, he was shot in the neck.

Oswaldo Silvas, the other vocalist of the group, says that Alan was making his way back to the hotel to see his wife.

Suddenly, the driver heard a loud noise and Alan said that he got hurt. Three other musicians of the group were with him and they noticed blood dripping down his neck. At the point, they weren’t sure what had happened but they took Alan to the hospital anyway.

The band says they are no suspects since there were no cars or people close to their vehicle. Oswaldo said:

“Conocemos a Alan, sabemos qué tipo de persona es y rotundamente no es un atentado personal, quisiéramos pensar que fue una persona a la que se le ocurrió hacer una maldad. Se van a tener que hacer ajustes porque definitivamente sabemos que no es un atentado, no tenemos nada de qué cuidarnos, no tengo porqué, no tenemos porqué tener miedo. No somos individuos vinculados con el narcotráfico. No tenemos nada que ocultar, no tenemos secretos.”

Banda MS had a performance the following night, which they did not cancel per Alan’s orders.

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