raul+transgenero‘El Gordo y La Flaca’ was interrupted Monday in Times Square by a group of people protesting against the show because they feel that Raul de Molina and Lili Estefan misspoke when discussing news about the transgender community.

Raul asked production to give the protestors a space to speak. Production also wanted to go to a commercial break but Raul insisted on continuing with the chat.

They claim that Raul said “La voz de Raúl de Molina se escucha claramente donde dice ‘y a este señor o señora, como le quieran llamar’. Eso es una falta de respeto porque si nos ven como mujeres nos tienen que respetar como mujeres…podemos soportar eso de personas en la calle pero no de personas públicas.”

Raul denies every saying that, despite this he apologized if they were offended by anything he said.

Raul and the protestor were both very respectful during this conversation – but Raul tried to end it with a hug and was denied.

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