donald+trump+peru+presidentPeruvian President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski has taken a strong stand against Donald Trump.

The first Latin American president to visit Trump at the White House told the U.S. leader he prefers “bridges to walls,” sending him a rebuke of his controversial proposal to build a wall along the border with Mexico.

The Peruvian president, a U.S.-educated former Wall Street banker, characterized his meeting with Trump as “cordial and constructive” and said he told Trump he was interested in the free movement of people — “legally,” he emphasized —and also spoke about trade and economic development.

Kuczynski harshly criticized Trump during the U.S. presidential campaign, joking he would cut diplomatic relations with the U.S. “with a saw” if Trump followed through on his pledge to build a wall with Mexico, which he compared to the Berlin Wall.

At their meeting, he made a point of saying “we prefer bridges to walls.”

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