acaldesaA video of a Mexican mayor dancing with strippers is making the rounds on the net and some people are trying to make a big deal of it.

Gabriela Lopez San Lucas reps Centla in Tabasco and was caught on tape dancing with two make exotic dancers – both of which are shirtless.

This occurred during a ‘carnaval’ celebration in the town – and it seems that Gabriela doesn’t regret her decision at all! When asked about the video, she said:

“Porque soy mujer y las mujeres me confiaron el municipio y yo les traigo alegría y a los hombres porque no, es más les dijimos las regidoras y una servidora, te ponemos el aceite y todo.”

Hey, as long as she’s doing her job as mayor…why not?! Good for her! WATCH THE VIDEO and judge for yourself.

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