pitbullThis is most definitely one of the best covers of “The Hollywood Reporter” that we have ever seen!

Pitbull labeled as music’s new Don.

They got it so right – the visual and the headline! Dale!!!

CLICK HERE to read a portion of the interview in which he says he envisions himself singing in Havana in the next few years!


Esta es sin duda una de las mejores portadas de la revista “The Hollywood Reporter” que hemos visto!

Pitbull como el nuevo Don de la música.

Acertaron muy bien – con la foto y el titular! Dale!!!

Interview / Entrevista

How His Marketing Team Sees Him and His Brand
“I’ll be sitting in marketing meetings where they’re going, ‘Well, this is our multicultural budget,’ and ‘We’ll make this a multicultural campaign,’ and I say, ‘Great!’ knowing that they see me in the context of the Latin boom. ‘Oh, he’s the next Latin this or Latin that. …’ But in my mind, I know this is the general market. I touch everybody at the end of the day.”

On His Teen Years Dealing Drugs
“I realized around18 that [Scarface’s] Tony Montana’s the wrong guy to be looking up to.”

On His Marketability
“Do I think it’s realistic to be a billion-dollar company by [age] 35? Absolutely.”

How He Envisions Making History in Havana
“To make history in Havana and be able to perform maybe in front of a million, 2 million people, I’m hoping for that within the next five years,” he says excitedly. “I can picture it in my mind.”

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