pitbullPitbull took it upon himself to reveal how much Florida paid him to promote the state.

The star made a deal with Visit Florida to create several different opportunities, including a music video for his 2014 song “Sexy Beaches.”

Attorneys for his production company insisted that most details of the contract — including its worth and what he was required to do under it— were trade secrets exempted from Florida’s public records law and therefore would not be made public.

That didn’t sit well with Florida House Speaker Richard Corcoran who filed a suit against PDR Productions which asked a judge to make it public.

The Republican lawmaker made the move after lawyers for Pitbull told legislative employees last week that they could view the contract but that none of the terms could be “disclosed to the media or elsewhere.” In a testy statement, Corcoran said lawmakers have a right to review how state tax dollars are spent.

On Thursday, Pitbull put an end to the proverbial ‘dog fight’ and made the contract public on Twitter.

Pit’s deal with FL basically came down to be one million dollars for roughly one year.

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