pitbull+ocean+drivePitbull is on the October cover of “Ocean Drive” magazine and he is looking like a total Miami stud with that suit!

In his candid cover story, Pit provides a rare glimpse into his life as a father of six, growing up in some of the roughest neighborhoods of Miami, ‘beating the system’ by receiving his high school diploma in a very unconventional way, what he has to say to his haters and much more.

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Pitbull posó para la portadad de octubre de la revista “Ocean Drive” y luce como un galán mayamense con ese traje espectacular!

En la entrevista, Pit habla de ser padre de seis hijos, creciendo en los barrios más peligrosos de Miami, la manera en que se graduó del colegio, y mucho más.

A continuación, una porción de la entrevista.


On where he gets his business savvy:
Growing up, I saw a lot of people make something out of nothing; it may have not been in a legal fashion, but it was always interesting to see how people could flip things.

On being shown the door of Miami’s Coral Park Senior High School a year early, because the principal didn’t want him back for another year:
Being young, you’re just thinking, Wow, I beat the system. But in actuality, the system beat me. But hey, I ran into the university of life, and man, since I was a kid I’ve been living the School of Hard Knocks. Once you put the two together, you can develop someone either very dangerous or someone, I would say, very sharp—and dangerous when he wants to be.

On living on his own at 16 and dealing drugs in some of the roughest neighborhoods in Miami during the hey-day of the ‘90s coke trade, following in his now deceased father’s footsteps:
I don’t like to go into specifics too much, because I don’t want to glamorize it at all.

On hanging out with his six kids, ages 1 to 11:
My kids mean the world to me; what makes them so special to me is that that’s where I get the genuine love from. To them, I’m not Pitbull, not Armando, not Chris, not Mr. Worldwide or Mr. 305—no, I’m Papi! And one thing I never want them to do is live in my shadow. I want them to be able to do what they want with their life, without having to use me as that connection, and to have that, as we say in Spanish, agalla, which is backbone. Any chance I get to have them all together and enjoy them all is priceless.

On his relationship status:
C’mon man, you know my slogan is ‘single, bilingual, and ready to mingle’!

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