An Evening With Pitbull At Hard Rock Live!Florida House Speaker Richard Corcoran filed a lawsuit against Pitbull’s entertainment company, PDR Productions, Inc. in an effort to disclose a secret contract. Corcoran says Visit Florida agreed to the contract in order to make the artist a tax-sponsored tourism ambassador.

The lawsuit alleges the confidential agreement is interfering with an investigation of the Florida House of Representatives Appropriations Committee into the use of tax dollars to fund tourism promotion spending by the private marketing agency known as Visit Florida.

“The speaker seeks this court’s intervention to stop PDR’s unreasonable effort to conceal both what PDR was paid and what return taxpayers received – or did not receive -for their investment,” the lawsuit states.

The suit also alleges the agreement illegally uses “trade secrets” to hide details of the Visit Florida deal to have Pitbull serve as a tourism ambassador for Florida.

Corcoran says the terms of the confidential 11-page contract are “disgusting,” but he can’t reveal what he’s seen because it’s considered a trade secret.

Corcoran plans to cut Visit Florida’s tourism promotion funding in the coming budget year but his first step is to force disclosure of the money taxpayers spent on Pitbull without having to face prosecution for spilling the so-called trade secrets that Pitbull insisted remain confidential.

“We’re suing Pitbull’s entertainment company and we’re saying to the court that we want a declaratory judgement that we can release that, and I don’t have to go to jail for five years if I do, and we will win and we will release the contract,” Corcoran said.

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