88CB20A1-1232-48D0-AC94-B5821FCDCEE1Pepe Aguilar is being accused by a former assistant of not paying him after working for him for more than 23 years.

Jose Maria Angulo Hernandez claims that he used to earn a thousand dollars a week plus benefits. Six years ago, he lost the benefits and his salary began to decrease to the point that he didn’t receive any compensation for over a year.

When he confronted the singer, Angulo said that Pepe sent him a voice message telling him he rather spend his money on attorneys than to pay him.

In addition to owing him money, the ex-employee said he was humiliated by Pepe on many occasions after helping him take care of his image and to hide women he became involved with from time to time.

Jose Maria hopes that the judge in charge of the case is not bribed by his former boss.

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