Boys will be boys…and Paulina will be Paulina??

Paulina Rubio‘s former assistant, Felipe Betancur, is suing her because he claims that she beat him!

It all went down a few days ago when Pau missed her flight from Miami to Mexico and she instructed him to get her on the next flight out to Mex.

He couldn’t find any first class tickets so he booked her in economy! Oooh, that’s a big no-no.

When she found out she was sitting in the back with the commoners, she supposedly punched, kicked, and slapped him! Pau-wer slap!

Upon returning to Miami, he quit and now wants 250 thousand dollars because he claims he suffered abrasions, contusions, and emotional damage.

This wouldn’t be the first time that Paulina unleashes her fury on someone…remember the infamous purse beat-down??!

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