Here comes the dirty laundry!!!

Paulina Rubio and Colate have officially petitioned the divorce in the court system and the main thing they each want is custody of their baby boy.

Colate claims that Pau doesn’t wake up until noon each day and he has been the one that has taken the most care of their child. Burn!

Pau claims that Colate takes such little care of their baby that she has been forced to hire help because she has to work and he runs around partaking in recreational activities instead of looking for a full-time job! Oooh, double burn!!

Colate wants half of their earnings while they were married, but Pau says that they signed a prenuptial agreement that prevents that from happening.

He says that he put his career on hold to boost hers, and she says he didn’t do anything to build her business and failed at providing economic support to the family while they were together.

This will probably get uglier before it fixes itself, right??

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