Sammy Sosa Throws His Wife Huge Birthday Party

by Latin Gossip Staff on 02.12.2018 - Sammy Sosa

sosasssSammy Sosa throws some of the best parties and he’s proved it throughout the years.

For his wife’s birthday, he did it again and hosted a huge cowboy themed celebration.

He and Sonia dressed in jeans, camisas vaqueras, boots and hats.

Pablo Montero was invited to sing and the birthday girl even joined him on stage and sang “Amor Eterno” with him.

Aislinn Derbez is Having a Girl

by Latin Gossip Staff on 02.12.2018 - Aislinn Derbez

admoAislinn Derbez is having a girl.

That has got to be the worse kept secret because the abuelo had already spilled the beans.

She is 38 weeks pregnant now which means the baby will be born very soon.

How exciting for the family.

Pablo Alboran Number Revealed by Another Singer

by Latin Gossip Staff on 02.09.2018 - Pablo Alboran

pablo+alboranPablo Alboran‘s number got leaked…and it was all the fault of another singer.

The Spanish star texted Russian songstress Rosalia – and she was so excited about the chat that she posted it on social media.

She took a screenshot and gave him a compliment in her caption, but she didn’t realize that his number was in plain sight for all to see.

Pablo fans immediately saw the number and bombarded him with calls and messages.

Big oops on Rosalia’s part!

Tania Rincon Sent Flying After Spinning Game on Live TV

by Latin Gossip Staff on 02.09.2018 - Chisme

mexican+hostMexican host Tania Rincon was sent flying on live TV on the show “Venga la Alegría.”

She joined her cohosts Patricio Borghetti, Ingrid Coronado, and Ricardo Casares in a spinning moment and the momentum was causing her dress to lift – so she used one hand to control the would be wardrobe malfunction.

However, that only left her with one arm to swing with and she let go and got swept away.

It’s a pretty hysterical moment that we can loop over and over again!

Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes Fans Are Thinking Hook Up

by Latin Gossip Staff on 02.09.2018 - Camila Cabello

shawn+camilaAre Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes a thing??

The two have been friends for a long time – they have even released music together – but there are new pics that make us think there may be more.

The two Pop stars hit up a pizza joint and sat at a table with plenty of seats…but they sat all close like there is something else going on.

Is this just a really tight friendship or could something more be happening??

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