Paulina Rubio Ex Accuses Her of Keeping Their Son Away From Him

by Latin Gossip Staff on 09.11.2018 - Paulina Rubio

paulinaPaulina Rubio‘s ex, Jerry Bazua, is not happy with her. He is accusing her keeping their child, Eros, away from him.

He wrote an open letter to Pau on Instagram with a photo of their child.

Jerry wrote “Llevo más de cuatro meses suave y sutil mente esperando saber de ti, pues tu mamá está desaparecida, como si yo tu padre, hubiera muerto. Eso por el momento no lo sabes tú, pero tu mamá si lo sabe. Haciendo las cosas pacíficamente no ha funcionado nada, para variar, pues no es la primera vez que tu mamá lo hace.

He added “Sólo te escribo para que sepas que todos y cada uno de los días pienso en ti y en cuanto te extraño y te amo. Ahora sé que estás en España y me entero por medios de comunicación. Para mí no es justo, no saber con quien duermes, qué haces y cómo te encuentras de salud. Tengo nula comunicación con nadie para saber de ti.

Jerry finished with “Pero créeme! Pronto estaremos juntos. Con mucha fe y en manos de Dios y la justicia dejó todo. La historia y el backup es algo ya conocido.”

Moments later, he deleted the post.

Eiza Gonzalez Got Some New Ink

by Latin Gossip Staff on 09.11.2018 - Eiza Gonzalez

eizaEiza Gonzalez has got a new tattoo.

The actress is sporting new ink on her body…specifically on her left arm.

It seems to be a star and constellation of sorts. Anyone able to pick it out?

What do you think of Eiza’s new tat?

Luis Fonsi Buys 5 Million Dollar Miami Home

by Latin Gossip Staff on 09.11.2018 - Luis Fonsi

fonsiLuis Fonsi has got himself a new home.

According to reports, he has plunked down 5 million dollars on a Miami mansion located in the exclusive Cocoplum neighborhood.

The palatial house has 7 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, cathedral ceilings, marble floors, a dock large enough for a yacht, garden fountains, and a resort-style pool.

Did we mention the mansion has expansive views of downtown Miami?

Despite all of this lux, Fonsi is said to be making extensive changes to the home and will probably not move in for another year.

Mo’ money…bigger house!

Oscar De La Hoya Considering Running For President

by Latin Gossip Staff on 09.11.2018 - Deportes, Oscar De la Hoya

oscarPresident Oscar De La Hoya??

The former boxer is considering running for President of The United States.

He says if Kanye West can announce that he’s running for president, then why can’t he?

No, this is not an April Fool’s joke.

Ximena Navarrete Attends Sister’s Wedding Days After Losing Baby

by Latin Gossip Staff on 09.11.2018 - Ximena Navarrete

ximenaXimena Navarrete has made her first appearance since losing her baby.

The former Miss Universe is going through a tough time after suffering a miscarriage, but that did not stop her from attending her sister’s wedding this weekend.

The nuptials took place in San Miguel de Allende – and both the bride and her sis looked gorgeous.

It’s being said that Ximena put her best happy face on to not put any gloom whatsoever on her sister’s big day.

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