Selena Gomez Unfollows BFF on Instagram

by Latin Gossip Staff on 03.14.2018 - Selena Gomez

selena+petraSelena Gomez just quietly unfollowed one of her best friend and favorite collaborators, artist Petra Collins, on Instagram.

An unfollow, in today’s digital world – and especially to a BFF, is very telling.

Selena fans are worried her depression may be back and that she is alienating herself from her closest friends.

Petra and Selena attended Coach’s fashion week show together literally a month ago. They were all smiles and hand-holding affection in front of the cameras. A lot can happen in a month though.

By the way, Petra still follows Gomez on her own Instagram.

Karla Panini and Americo Garza are Expecting Their First Child Together

by Latin Gossip Staff on 03.14.2018 - Chisme


Karla Panini and Americo Garza are expecting.

The couple tried to keep it a secret – especially since Karla has been dealing with some minor complications from the pregnancy, but she is overall doing fine.

They also wanted to keep it hush hush because they have been under attack ever since Karla Luna passed away of cancer. As you know, both Karlas worked together on the same show – and then Karla P started hooking up with Americo while he was still with Karla L.

Americo has two kids (with Karla L) and Karla P has one – this will be their first together.

Cristian Castro Blasted For Video of Daughter Twerking

by Latin Gossip Staff on 03.13.2018 - Cristian Castro

cristian+castro+hijaCristian Castro‘s daughter is going viral online – for dancing to a Daddy Yankee song.

Four-year-old Rafaela has her own Instagram profile and a video of her dance to “Dura” was uploaded – twerking and all.

The majority of the comments are blasting her parents for posting the video because it is deemed provocative.

The backlash stems from people fearing she will be objectified by pedophiles and seen with wrong eyes at such a young age.

One thing is for sure…the girl has rhythm!!

Watch the dance and judge for yourself.

Juan Gabriel Former Manager Says Singer is Alive

by Latin Gossip Staff on 03.13.2018 - Juan Gabriel

juangaThere are many conspiracies about Juan Gabriel being alive…and his ex-manager is now jumping on the bandwagon.

He believes that Juanga is very much alive – and that he has faked his death to protect himself from his own son.

Joaquin Muñoz says that Juan Gabriel is in hiding of sorts and it’s because he felt that Ivan Aguilera and his wife were out to kill him for his money.

He also says that Juan Gabriel goes out in public from time to time – taking walks outdoors and going to the supermarket.

So, he’s not dead but instead is grocery shopping??

Niurka Marcos Calls Magda Rodriguez Perra

by Latin Gossip Staff on 03.13.2018 - Niurka Marcos

niurkaNiurka Marcos went off on producer Magda Rodriguez.

The Cuban actress was on TV Azteca’s morning show and she touched on the subject of Magda since she was debuting as producer of  “Hoy”, Televisa’s morning show.

Niurka remembered that a few years ago her daughter, Romina, came home crying over what Magda told her.

She said “Hace algunos años mi niña Romina vino a hacer un casting e hizo todo como una persona normal, y cuando pasó el último filtro, que firmó contrato, el diseño de imagen, maquillaje, peinado, le dijeron: ‘¿Qué crees? Hay compañeros que superan tu talento, y no puedes estar’”

She added “Después de eso me llamó y le dije: ‘Escucha bien lo que te voy a decir, Magda Rodríguez, el que la hace la paga, ¿Entendiste, Magda Rodríguez? El que la hace la paga, perra.’”

It’s safe to say Magda won’t be hiring her anytime soon.

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