Eugenio Derbez Getting Nut Cracking

by Latin Gossip Staff on 09.13.2018 - Eugenio Derbez

eugenioEugenio Derbez has announced his latest project.

He will be appearing in Disney’s ‘The Nutcracker and the Four Realms.’

This is a huge role, not only is it Disney’s big winter film, but he will share credits with Morgan Freeman and Keira Knightley.

Eugenio was really excited to share the news – but we’re not as excited to already welcome Christmas. It’s September!!

Gloria Trevi Ex Sends Her Indirect Message Online

by Latin Gossip Staff on 09.12.2018 - Gloria Trevi

gloria+treviEver since Gloria Trevi revealed that she was splitting from her husband, we haven’t really heard much from him.

Well, it appears that he is now sending indirect messages to Gloria via social media.

Armando Gomez posted the following message on Instagram, “Trátense como al principio y nunca habrá final.”

Gloria’s fandom is definitely taking this as a direct shot at the singer. What do you think??

Lili Estefan Reunited With Her Dog

by Latin Gossip Staff on 09.12.2018 - Lili Estefan

liliLili Estefan has been reunited with her dog, named Jalapeño.

The TV host had taken to social media to ask her followers for help. She posted a pic of her furry friend and pleaded with everyone to keep a lookout for him because he had escaped.

A day went by without knowing anything – but then good news arrived!

A neighbor found Jalapeño and returned him to Lili. Needless to say, she is extremely happy to have him back home safe and sound.

Anuel AA New Diss Track Deemed Homophobic

by Latin Gossip Staff on 09.12.2018 - Anuel AA

anuelAnuel AA has released a new diss track, this time aimed at Cosculluela – but many of his own fans are not liking it for being homophobic.

Some of his followers have gotten the attention of the media in Puerto Rico for their take on the new song – which uses the words ‘maricon’, ‘pato’ and ‘bugarron’ to insult Coscu.

There is also a line in the sing which links homosexuality to HIV, saying “Sigue clavando patos en la cabina, que te va a dar sida como a la puerca de Taína.”

To make matters even worse, Anuel boasts about killing people – which many people are saying only helps fuel the already alarming number of homicides in Puerto Rico.

There is now a boycott forming to protest his concert and his music.

Ricardo Yocupicio New Vocalist For Banda El Recodo

by Latin Gossip Staff on 09.12.2018 - RegionalMex

ricardoRicardo Yocupicio is in!

As we told you, Charly Perez is out of Banda El Recodo – but the replacement news came fast.

The group is welcoming Ricky as the new vocalist, which is huge news in the RegionalMex world.

Its a new chapter for the decades-old banda.

PS – a little fun act, Ricardo was on Jenni Rivera‘s team when he participated on ‘La Voz Mexico.’

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