Yuri Live Microphone Broadcasts Angry Outburst

by Latin Gossip Staff on 02.21.2017 - Juan Gabriel, Yuri

yuriYuri had an uh-oh moment at the Juan Gabriel tribute concert in Toluca this past weekend.

She was there to perform along with some of today’s big stars – but had an embarrassing moment occur while she was backstage.

At one point, before she was due to come out and sing, her microphone went live and the crowd was able to hear her angrily say “¡Me molesta demasiado!! ¡Eso no lo puedo usar!!”

Her tone was so aggressive that everyone in the crowd laughed.

When Yuri hit the stage she was all smiles.

Yuridia Forgets Lyrics to Juan Gabriel Hits at Tribute Concert

by Latin Gossip Staff on 02.21.2017 - Juan Gabriel, Yuridia

yuridiaThe Juan Gabriel tribute concert was held in Toluca on Saturday and some major artists participated. Juanes, Luis Fonsi, Jesse y Joy, David Bisbal, and many more were there to sing the legend’s hits.

Yuridia was also present and she had the task of performing some of Juanga’s most iconic songs – however, she disappointed.

The singer forgot the lyrics in several parts of her acts and eventually just stood in front of the prompter to read the words.

Her eyes stayed down while she read the song.

This was a tribute concert…not karaoke.

Lucia Villalon Talks About Split From Chicharito

by Latin Gossip Staff on 02.21.2017 - Deportes

luciaLucia Villalon has spoken out about her split from Chicharito.

She spoke to “El Mundo” and was asked about her ex-boyfriend, their calling off the wedding, and the pics of him kissing Camila Sodi.

Lucia said “No me lo esperaba, ¡me iba a casar con él!”

We didn’t see it coming either.

Paulina Rubio Falls From Stage at Concert

by Latin Gossip Staff on 02.21.2017 - Paulina Rubio

paulina+rubioPaulina Rubio fell down hard at one of her concerts.

She was performing in Campeche and mentioned that she wanted to get closer to the audience. As she walked toward the crowd, she misjudged the length of the stage and fell straight down.

Pau wasn’t seriously hurt and eventually got up to continue with the show. She also posted a message on Facebook regarding the fall, saying “No importa si nos caemos, hay que saber levantarnos.”

Zoe Saldaña Announces Birth of Third Child

by Latin Gossip Staff on 02.21.2017 - Zoe Saldaña

zoe+saldana+esposo+husbandZoe Saldaña welcomed her third child with husband Marco Perego.

The “Guardians of the Galaxy” star announced the news Sunday on Instagram, saying “Marco and I are elated to share the news of the the birth of our son Zen. We couldn’t feel more blessed with the new addition to our family. #threeboys… oh boy!”

She never revealed that she was expecting – but there are some that believe she adopted or opted for a surrogate.

The pic you see here is from the Golden Globe Awards last month. The baby could have been born prior to this but no more details have been provided.

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