Renato Lopez Girlfriend Finds New Love in His Friend

by Latin Gossip Staff on 01.11.2018 - Chisme

renato+lopez+exIt’s been more than a year since Renato Lopez was killed, and his girlfriend is now revealing that she has a new love in her life.

Alexandra Ivanisevic is now dating Santiago Alcocer. As it turns out, Santiago and Renato were very good friends.

She said “Creo que he llegado muy lejos en mi proceso de duelo, mucho más lejos que muchas personas a mi alrededor. Pasé por todas las fases que al principio pensé eran pura mentira, entre ellas, el enojo, la depresión y al final la aceptación. Aprendí mucho de mí y mucho de la gente cerca de mí.”

Alexandra touched on the subject of now seeing one of Renato’s friends, adding “La vida tiene su manera mágica y extraña de acomodar las cosas. Cuando yo me enamoré de Santiago no fue un momento perfecto, fue difícil para los dos. Al principio simplemente entender lo que estaba pasando, y luego tener los huevos de aceptarlo y de perseguirlo… Fueron muuuchas noches de estar despiertos hablando de todo y de conocernos hasta los huesos, también fueron muchos días de cagarnos de risa y otros de llorar incontrolable juntos”.

Life goes on.

Ricky Martin Marries Jwan Yosef

by Latin Gossip Staff on 01.11.2018 - Celebrity Weddings, Gay, Ricky Martin

ricky+jwanRicky Martin is officially a husband!

The singer has confirmed that he is married to Jwan Yosef – but the big celebration is still to come.

They have taken all the required and legal steps to make their marriage official, so all that’s left is the party.

Ricky told E! News they exchanged vows and signed all the paperwork, including prenups.

Congrats to the newlyweds!

Diego Boneta and Camila Sodi Might Have Romance Off Screen Too

by Latin Gossip Staff on 01.11.2018 - Camila Sodi, Diego Boneta

diego+camilaDiego Boneta and Camila Sodi might be a thing!

The two actors are working together on the Luis Miguel series, but it appears they have connected more than just onscreen.

He plays Luismi and she plays Stephanie Salas while the cameras are rolling, but photogs have caught them hanging out after hours, holding hands, and being a little more romantic than friends are.

Let’s see if they last longer than LM and Stephanie did.

Axel Arenas Exonerated From Charges of Killing Escort

by Latin Gossip Staff on 01.10.2018 - Chisme

axelActor Axel Arenas has been exonerated.

He was named as the prime suspect after the mutilated body of Argentine dancer and escort Karen Ailen Grodziski was found with multiple gunshot wounds in a hotel room.

Prosecutors claimed to have evidence placing him at the hotel – even witnesses confirming seeing the victim with the actor when the pair ordered room service.

However, his lawyers have proven that he was a out of the country with his girlfriend during the time of the murder and even showed a passport stamp to back his alibi.

The 27-year-old up and coming actor is next to appear in Telemundo’s “Jose Jose, El Principe de la Cancion.”

Axel’s lawyers say they are looking to sue the prosecution over the damage this case and the accusations have caused the actor.

Mayrin Villanueva Teenage Son Spark Controversy For Vaping Pic

by Latin Gossip Staff on 01.10.2018 - Mayrin Villanueva

VillanuevaMayrin Villanueva‘s teenage son has raised eyebrows online.

On Instagram, the 14-year-old posted a pic of himself vaping and his followers did not like it one bit.

The image of him exhaling a cloud of smoke is being criticized because it’s being seen as promoting an unhealthy habit – especially amongst his teen peers.

Mayrin hasn’t spoken about the pic despite the media picking up the story everywhere.

Harmless photo or bad parenting??

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