Angelica Vale Chooses Adamari Lopez as Godmother of Son

by Latin Gossip Staff on 05.21.2015 - Adamari Lopez, Angelica Vale

angelica+adamariAngelica Vale has chosen Adamari Lopez to be the godmother of her son Danico.

It all happened on Twitter, when the Mexican actress sent the following message to the Puerto Rican host of “Un Nuevo Dia”:

“Amiga querida, hace 2 años te prometí que mi próximo bebé sería tu ahijado. ¿Aceptas ser la madrina de Danico?”

Ada responded:

“Sí. Me encantaría ser la madrina de Danico. ¿Ya te puedo decir comadre o me tengo que esperar al 29 de mayo?”

We’re sure they talked about it before actually taking it to social media.

Jennifer Lopez Covers US Weekly Best Bodies Issue

by Latin Gossip Staff on 05.20.2015 - Jennifer Lopez

jloSummer is here and with the season comes the obsession for the perfect beach bod.

Magazines and entertainment shows tend to focus on the tightest and fittest of the celeb world and here we see “US Weekly” celebrating “The Best Bodies”.

On the cover?? None other than Jennifer Lopez.

One of the most enviable bodies in the planet. This was a no brainer. She looks phenomenal!

David Chocarro Naked in Play El Principio de Arquimedes

by Latin Gossip Staff on 05.20.2015 - David Chocarro

david+chocarroDavid Chocarro is starring in a play…and he’ll be naked in it!

He is acting in “El Principio de Arquímedes”…and he’ll be naked in it!

Shows will take place in Miami for six weeks…and did we mention he’ll be naked in it??

Seriously, the play is heralded for being daring, bold, and controversial – but know most will go see it because, you guessed it, he’ll be naked in it!

Alejandro Fernandez Urges Fans to Enjoy Soccer Without Violence

by Latin Gossip Staff on 05.20.2015 - Alejandro Fernandez

potrilloAlejandro Fernandez wants us all to enjoy soccer without violence.

He uploaded this photo you see here – wearing a Chivas de Guadalajara jersey.

He’s also holding the logos of other teams and we should point out that he, in fact, is a fan of Atlas de Guadalajara…but he’s proving a point by happily wearing another team’s colors.

Hey, if it prevents any violence at or after the games then more power to him!!

Benicio Del Toro Close to Wearing Heels at Cannes

by Latin Gossip Staff on 05.20.2015 - Benicio Del Toro

benicioWas Benicio Del Toro close to wearing heels on the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival??

Yeah, but it was basically a joke.

There was a big hoopla over an alleged ‘high heel’ requirement for ladies at the festival.

Apparently, some women were not allowed on the carpet if they wore flats or heels that were deemed to low.

In response, Benicio and costar Josh Brolin joked that they would wear heels on the red carpet – but they didn’t.

Festival director Thierry Fremaux took to Twitter to debunk the report, calling rumors of the shoe shut-down “unfounded.”

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