Julion Alvarez To Become A Dad Again

by Latin Gossip Staff on 06.04.2019 - Baby, Julion Alvarez

A2EE51FA-8966-425D-8463-1AF83C59E817Julion Alvarez is going to be a dad again.

He personally announced this after rumors about his wife’s pregnancy started to swirl around. The singer said he has a compromise with the press and his fans and wanted to share the happy news.

He is very excited and reminded people of what he said in the past, “Teniendo el primero, los que se dejaran venir y estoy cumpliendo.”

He said he is very “volado” with his daughter Maria Isabel and as long as his coming baby is born healthy, he has no particular preference on having a boy or another girl.

Felicidades, Julion.

James Rodriguez and Shannon de Lima Confirm Romance

by Latin Gossip Staff on 05.29.2019 - Chisme

41DA94D8-D09D-4B47-8261-6391598DCB18James Rodriguez and Shannon de Lima have finally confirmed their relationship.

The couple had been seen together for months, but hadn’t given any declarations about it.

The soccer star was interviewed recently and said he and the model are living together in Munich and that they have a great relationship.

Shannon was previously married to Marc Anthony and was linked to Saul “Canelo” Alvarez too.

Joy Huerta is a Mom

by Latin Gossip Staff on 05.29.2019 - Baby, Jesse & Joy

141B2104-4FC6-437E-AABE-91DBAE87AFE3A few weeks ago Joy Huerta announced she was going to be a mom.

Her baby was born and her name is Noah.

The new mom is over the moon and posted a short message to introduce her daughter.

“I just wanted to stop by real quick to share with all of you the biggest joy we’ve ever felt. Meet our sweet baby girl Noah,” she said.

Welcome to this crazy world, Noah.

Larry Hernandez Returns to Stages

by Latin Gossip Staff on 05.28.2019 - Larry Hernandez, RegionalMex

127234E4-3AEF-40B6-94B8-1A373BB60255Larry Hernandez returned to the stage.

After 17 months away because of the fall he suffered and other circumstances, the singer finally felt ready to make his comeback.

He dedicated the event to Arturo Rivera and Jenni Rivera.

Many colleagues and television personalities sent support videos prior to the presentation to wish him luck on his return.

Reyli Barba Releases Single After Long Absence

by Latin Gossip Staff on 05.28.2019 - Reyli Barba

996D080F-4F78-4A3B-BAA5-93AD5819F81BReyli Barba was dealing with personal issues and took a break from music.

It seems like he has regained control of his life and has released a new single. The name of the song is “Todo lo que está pasando me gusta” and it seems to be reflecting on how he actually feels.

The singer looks healthy and happy.

Are you excited about his musical return?

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