Belinda and Danna Paola Fans Try to Cause a Ruckus Over Freckles

by Latin Gossip Staff on 12.07.2018 - Belinda, Danna Paola

belinda+danna+paolaThe fans tried to get Belinda and Danna Paola to fight…over freckles. But it didn’t work.

Belinda has been known to show off the freckle look, accentuated with makeup – and Danna recently did the same thing.

Fans wrote Belinda saying Danna was copying her look to which Belinda responded “Bueeeno no pasa nada, no la critiquen se le ven bonitas.”

Danna Paola took notice and had her own nice words to say, adding “Jajaja ay que linda! Besos, querida.”

These two ladies are not getting into a beef over freckles.

Daniela Castro Suing Department Store That Accused Her of Theft

by Latin Gossip Staff on 12.07.2018 - Chisme

danielaDaniela Castro is getting ready to sue.

As we told you, the charges of theft were dropped by a judge in Texas – this after a careful review of surveillance video.

Daniela held a press conference to talk about her vindication and to clear up her name even further.

She also stated that she will be suing the department store that falsely accused her of theft.

Her lawyers are already prepping everything to go after them.

Cristian Castro Believes Juan Gabriel is Alive

by Latin Gossip Staff on 12.07.2018 - Cristian Castro, Juan Gabriel

castroCristian Castro believes that Juan Gabriel is alive.

There are plenty of fans that think the singer is alive – and that includes Cristian.

In an interview, Raul De Molina asked him “¿Tú sabes lo que salió que en diciembre 15 aparece Juan Gabriel?, ¿Tú crees que está vivo?”

Cristian said “Yo creo que sí…la actitud fue muy extraña, que no lo velaran correctamente”.

Everyone is waiting for December 15th!

Alfonso Cuaron Nominated for Golden Globes Again

by Latin Gossip Staff on 12.06.2018 - Alfonso Cuaron

alfonsoAlfonso Cuaron has done it again.

His most recent film has earned him another three Golden Globe nominations.

Roma is nominated in the “Best Motion Picture – Foreign Film” category and he is nominated as “Best Director” and for “Best Screenplay – Motion Picture.”

He already has a Golden Globe for “Best Director” for the film Gravity, but he probably won’t mind adding more.

Nicky Jam May Have New Girlfriend

by Latin Gossip Staff on 12.06.2018 - Nicky Jam

nickyNicky Jam was seen with a woman and it has people speculating on whether or not they are a couple.

The not-so-mystery girl is Paulina Cruz.

She is 21 and like his ex, also Colombian.

He separated from his wife months ago so he is available and apparently ready to move on.

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