Jennifer Lopez Not That Cool According to Mariah Carey

by Latin Gossip Staff on 05.19.2016 - Jennifer Lopez

jlo+mariahThe supposed feud between Jennifer Lopez and Mariah Carey is still something people like to talk about.

Mariah stopped by “Watch What Happens Live” on Tuesday, where Andy Cohen grilled the diva about Jennifer Lopez.

“There was this whole thing, when you were last on ‘Idol’ where you said ‘I don’t know her’ and then …” Andy said.

“That was so long ago!” Mariah exclaimed. “I can’t believe people still make such a big deal out of it.”

“I know, but do you two know each other,” Andy inquired. “No!” Mariah declared. “She says you know her,” Andy told the singer

“OK, I am very forgetful,” she admitted with a giggle.

But, when Andy asked her if JLo seems “cool,” Mariah had one awkward answer. “I don’t know her. Like what am I supposed to say!”

Emilio Navaira’s Ex Writes Touching Message About Tejano Singer

by Latin Gossip Staff on 05.19.2016 - RegionalMex, RIP

cynthia+navaira+escobarEmilio Navaira‘s ex-wife shared a touching message about the unexpected death of the Tejano singer. She wrote:

“What is one to say when your heart is broken into a million billion pieces. Emilio and I were high school sweethearts , he was my first Love, we got married and together we have 3 beautiful , amazing , Loving & talented children , Emilio NavairaIV , Diego Roman Navaira & Emely Ann Navaira . Although our marriage didn’t work out Emilio and I continued to be great friends and still were a family. Sometimes in life things don’t work out as you plan, or would of wanted It to. I truly believe in forgiveness and taught my children early on that forgiveness is Key to happiness , And God the center of our lives. In life you make the best of it especially for “Love” In our case for the love of our children. Yesterday a piece of our broken hearts went with him”

Sergio Mayer Mori Puts Artistic Career on Hold…Over Possible Pregnancy

by Latin Gossip Staff on 05.19.2016 - Barbara Mori, Sergio Mayer

sergio+mayer+moriThe son of Sergio Mayer and Barbara Mori has put his artistic career on hold…and it all could be because the 18-year-old got his girlfriend pregnant.

Sergio Mayer Mori was working on music and was already earning plenty of fans – mostly due to his good looks. However that’s all changed. His dad spoke to “Shanik en Fórmula” and said:

“Está en otro rollo ahorita, no quiere hacer nada del espectáculo, entonces quién sabe qué vaya a hacer. Es su vida, es su carrera, él decide qué es lo que quiere, yo estaba puesto para apoyarlo, íbamos muy bien, pero ahorita él quiere esperar, entonces vamos a esperar y a ver qué decide.”

Rumor has it Sergio Jr’s 28-year-old gf is expecting his baby and the families are focused on dealing with that.

Wisin Takes Family Vacation at Universal Orlando

by Latin Gossip Staff on 05.19.2016 - Wisin

Wisin Latin Music Star Hogshead StationWisin taking a break with his family.

He enjoyed a few days off at Universal Orlando Resort in company of his wife and kids.

They took a ride on the Hogwarts Express which took them from The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Hogsmeade in Islands of Adventure to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter –Diagon Alley en Universal Studios Florida.

And just like any other fam on vacay, they couldn’t miss the photo opp!

Jennifer Lopez Covers Hollywood Reporter For TV Success

by Latin Gossip Staff on 05.19.2016 - Jennifer Lopez

jloJennifer Lopez is on the cover of “The Hollywood Reporter” alongside some of the biggest actresses currently on television.

The mag gathered the top female leads of TV – and that now includes JLo since her show “Shades of Blue” is headed for a second season. Music, Vegas, Reality TV, Movies…she really is on top of it all.

We love the headline of the cover – ‘Who you calling a Diva?’

Well, Jennifer is known to be one of the biggest divas ever. So, yeah, her.

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