Latin Lover was a Latin Stripper

by Latin Gossip Staff on 05.12.2006 - Chisme

Latin Lover Latin Lover, winner of Bailando por un Sueño, has revealed secrets of his past jobs before he achieved success as a boxer. He says that he sold hamburgers on the streets and also stripped in clubs to bring home the bacon.

Apparently, this was a family affair where his wife would not only cook the burgers, but also drive him to the clubs where girls would wave pesos as he waved his…well, let’s just say that it wasn’t a burger. This is Latin Lover’s way of keeping our attention. 15 minutes are almost up buddy…

I’m Only Posting This to Make You Feel Good

by Latin Gossip Staff on 05.11.2006 - Barbara Bermudo, Chisme, Cosmetic Surgery, Jackie Guerrido

Cosmetic Surgery As if we didn’t already know that celebrities get cosmetic surgery done, go through procedures to beautify themselves, and have access to the latest in the market. Celebrities cheat. They don’t work out 4 hours at the gym like they claim they do. I don’t blame them. I blame you for not getting cosmetic surgery.

Gloria Peña, an esthetician in Miami, is now coming out saying that she has performed reduction massages and mesotherapies on Barbara Bermudo, Gloria Trevi, Jackie Guerrido, and Jennifer Peña. Good for these girls. Not only do these girls make me tune in to Univision but they almost make me want to put down this pizza. Almost.

Enrique Iglesias May Have Tied the Knot

by Latin Gossip Staff on 05.11.2006 - Enrique Iglesias

Enrique Iglesias Reports are coming out saying that Enrique Iglesias has married longtime girlfriend Anna Kournikova in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. I wish them all the best.

I am ending this post now before I make a ‘mole’ joke…

La Vida Expensive

by Latin Gossip Staff on 05.11.2006 - Ricky Martin

Ricky Martin Ricky Martin apparently has so much money that he spends nearly $10,000 a week on facials and massages. That figure is a bit difficult to believe and unless I am wrong, Ricky’s last album, Life, did not do too well, so he better start spending smarter.

For me to spend $10,000 a week on massages I would have to, of course, borrow the money, have the facials performed with Angelina Jolie’s breastmilk, all while being massaged by a nude Eva Mendes. Oh yeah, and a few happy endings to seal the deal.

Spanish Lessons at the American Airlines Arena

by Latin Gossip Staff on 05.10.2006 - Deportes

Miami Heat I have to share this with you all. I was watching the Miami Heat – New Jersey Nets game tonight on television. I just noticed that at the American Airlines Arena in Miami, the announcer screams ” Two Minutes, Dos…” and the crowd yells out “MINUTOS!!!” I applaud American Airlines Arena and the Miami Heat for this. This proves that we are taking over!