Great Story About Leticia Calderon and Her Son

by Latin Gossip Staff on 07.19.2006 - Chisme

Leticia CalderonActress Leticia Calderon has a son that has down syndrome. She took her son to get dolphin-assisted therapy which is where her son interacts with a dolphin in the water. During the sixth therapy session, Leticia’s son looked at her and called her something he never did before. He called her mama. She looked at him and asked “what did you say?” and he repeated “mama.”

As you can imagine, Leticia is thrilled with this single improvement because it is indicative of the development and growth that her son is going and will go through. Congratulations Leticia and wish you and your son the best. Leave your own well wishes to Leticia by leaving a comment.

Salma to be Part of Cast in Addition to Producing Ugly Betty

by Latin Gossip Staff on 07.18.2006 - Salma Hayek, Televisión

Betty la fea ugly bettyIf you don’t know already that Salma Hayek is producing a show titled Ugly Betty which will air on ABC, you probably don’t know that Salma has now decided that she will star in the show as well. She announced that her role will be minor though.

Ugly Betty is based on the original show produced in Colombia called Betty La Fea. The show, which is the story of an ugly woman who, after a makeover, turns beautiful, was a huge success in Latin television. There is currently a Mexican version, La Fea Mas Bella, on Univision. Salma was smart to bring this show to the US because I have a feeling that, if done correctly, American audiences will warm up to it as well.

Marc Anthony Talks Smack When Not Prompted To

by Latin Gossip Staff on 07.18.2006 - Chisme, Marc Anthony, Musica

Marc Marco Laura Juntos en Concierto 2006Marc Anthony is recording a song with Marco Antonio Solis and Laura Pausini for their Juntos en Concierto 2006 tour. A reporter asked Marc what it was like to record with these artists and Marc took the opportunity to indirectly talk smack about his first wife Dayanara Torres.

“It’s like when you fall in love for the first time, you aren’t sure if it is going to last. Then the second time you fall in love you know it is for real.”

What? What does this have anything to do with recording with Marco and Laura? Unless he is in love with both Marco and Laura, I don’t see how this answer makes sense. I just don’t get it.

Nek Gives Some Advice to Tiziano

by Latin Gossip Staff on 07.18.2006 - Celebrity Blunder, Tiziano Ferro

NekItalian singer-songwriter Nek gave Tiziano Ferro a few words of advice about his recent fall out with the Mexican public. Tiziano still feels very bad about the comments he made and even though he received a pardon from Mexico’s ANDA, he is still moping around in disbelief that he made spoke the way he did. His fellow Italiano Nek is trying to give his confidence a boost.

Nek told Tiziano “Stop crying because it isn’t going to change the situation. You know in your what you truly feel and think. A life isn’t called a life without errors.”

If anyone should feel bad it’s the Mexicans, but you don’t see them moping around feeling blue for themselves. Come on Tiziano, you want us to repeat it? We forgive you! There. Now get past this because I certainly am.

Nelly Furtado Is Promiscuous With Women

by Latin Gossip Staff on 07.17.2006 - Chisme

Nelly FurtadoMaybe there is a reason why Nelly Furtado’s latest album is titled Loose. She is not only interested in 50% of the world’s population. In fact, she is interested in 100% of it. Nelly admitted that she finds women attractive and thinks that everyone is bisexual.

“As humans we have both male and female energies. I believe in Kurt Cobain’s statement that, in the end, everyone is gay. Everybody should have the freedom to experiment. I believe sexual experimentation is part of human history,? shared Furtado in a recent interview.

Nelly also said that she has always dreamt of having her own float in a gay parade.

“I’d have remixes of my songs. We’d all be drinking and dancing, just having a good time. We’d have lounge chairs and a little kiddy pool and we could all dance around and throw champagne on each other.”

I swear, those Canadian-Brazilians are crazy! Canadians alone are great. Brazilians alone are great as well. Combine the two and you get a powerful mixture of two conflicting cultures that leads to lesbianism in kiddy pools filled with champagne.