Latin Spotlight : Wilmer Valderrama

by Latin Gossip Staff on 07.05.2006 - Wilmer Valderrama

Wilmer Valderrama This week’s Latin Spotlight is on Wilmer Valderrama, who is of Colombian and Venezuelan descent. Wilmer plays Fes on the popular That 70s Show and will soon star as Ponch in the screen version of CHiPs.

Wilmer Valderrama Wilmer has been known as a dating casanova in Hollywood. He has dated Mandy Moore, Lindsay Lohan, and Ashlee Simpson and publicly rated their performance in bed live on The Howard Stern Show. He also claimed that he has an 8 inch chorizo.

Wilmer Valderrama Seeing that his best bud Ashton Kutcher made an ass load of money with a show on MTV, Wilmer copied him by producing the lame Yo Momma on the same network, but it has not seen the same results.
Wilmer Valderrama
He has achieved success with the restaurant Dolce, located in LA, which he co-owns with Kutcher and Danny Masterson. Who knows if success will continue to come his way. He hasn’t proven himself as a solid actor yet, but he has been representing the Latin community in Hollywood for several years so he deserves this Latin Spotlight.

Penelope’s Brother in Mexico

by Latin Gossip Staff on 07.03.2006 - Chisme, Musica, Penelope Cruz

Eduardo Cruz Eduardo Cruz, Penelope Cruz’s brother, was in Monterrey, Mexico promoting his new album Cosas Que Contar. This might just be another case of a sibling sneaking into fame through their brother/sister, but something tells me there is more to him than that.

Supposedly, he has been writing songs since he was fourteen, but the most important thing to me that he went to promote his album in Mexico as soon as Tiziano was losing his grip over the Mexican fans. Could it be that Eduardo wants sloppy seconds? Like the poet Sir Mix-A-Lot says “They toss and leave it, and I pull up quick to retrieve it.

Smart move Eduardo, smart move.

Juanes to Produce for Paulina Rubio

by Latin Gossip Staff on 07.03.2006 - Juanes, Paulina Rubio

Juanes and Paulina Paulina Rubio should be counting her blessings because Juanes has agreed to produce songs for her anticipated next album. Coti, Celso Piña, and Xavi will collaborate on the album as well. Having Juanes as your producer almost guarantees that your album will be a success.

The album is being described by those close to Paulina as “spontaneous and natural?, which will allow “the true atmosphere? of the Mexican singer to come out, who is hand-picking the material herself, and has written three songs to be included in the album.

Rumors that Juanes was working on her album were leaked several months ago, but at the time everyone denied it. Both Paulina and Juanes are signed with Universal Musica, so if it was just a rumor, I’m sure the executives at Universal saw an opportunity for a successful album and put these two together. They already hooked up David Bisbal and Alicia Villareal. Maybe next they’ll pair Don Dinero and Ninel Conde.

Latin America Out of World Cup

by Latin Gossip Staff on 07.01.2006 - Deportes

Brazil With the recent loss against France (1-0), Brazil is eliminated from the World Cup. That means that there are no more teams from Latin America left in the tournament. Adios Germany! Hasta la proxima!

The teams that are still in it at this point are Germany, Portugal, Italy, and France. Congratulations Europe.

Pablo Montero No Espik Ingleesh

by Latin Gossip Staff on 06.30.2006 - Celebrity Blunder, Chisme

Pablo Montero Hollywood Pablo Montero was offered a role in a Hollywood film and had to turn it down because he doesn’t know English. He says he would much rather focus on Mexican productions in his own language and focus on his next album.

What a dumbass! He has been a celebrity for a while now and he should have been focusing on getting an English tutor. This was a huge opportunity that he missed because he has spent more time with Captain Morgan than on working on his career. How else are we going to weave our way into Hollywood and have more Latino representation if our people aren’t prepared to take on the roles that are offered?