AB says Adios

by Latin Gossip Staff on 04.12.2006 - AB Quintanilla

AB Quintanilla and The Kumbia Kings.jpg┬ AB Quintanilla has dropped out of the Kumbia Kings. Reports indicate AB feels that several members of the band have betrayed him. Duh! I could have told you that a long time ago. Seriously, how many people are in that band? 246? I would have wrapped a bandana around my head and danced around like a fool for a paycheck.

Kumbia Kings without AB is like having Destiny’s Child without Beyonce. It just can’t happen.

Nude Photos of Pilar Montenegro

by Latin Gossip Staff on 04.11.2006 - Pilar Montenegro

Pilar Montenegro┬ Storytime! Everyone gather around! There once was a rising star named Pilar Montenegro who had an album that was matching album sales of Thalia and Paulina Rubio. But she let her then husband/manager, Jorge Reynoso, take over her career and he destroyed her and that led to their divorce. Her latest project was Bailando Por Un Sue├▒o, the Mexican version of Dancing with the Stars, and she got booted off faster than you can say “I hope you have something to fall back on Pilar.”

While she was married to Jorge, Pilar had nude photos taken by a photographer, who did not know of her, and SURPRISE the photos are now coming back to haunt her. Jorge allegedly sold the photos since he is more cash strapped than MC Hammer. The moral of the story isn’t “Dont take nude photos,” we like that here at Latin Gossip. It is “Don’t EVER talk to Jorge Reynoso.” You will most likely lose everything you have.

I like Pilar and believe that with the right management she can spark our interest again. Until then…I’ll only have her nude photos to spark my interest.

Shakira’s hips almost lied

by Latin Gossip Staff on 04.07.2006 - Shakira

Shakira OF Album Cover.jpg Shakira recently confessed that she thought about getting cosmetic surgery. She thought about getting an eyebrow lift and her boobs done. She changed her mind and decided against plastic surgery because as she says “as long as I continue to write good songs, my fans will like me the way I am.” I agree with that. I do like her the way she is. I would just like her much more with a nice pair of tetas. So would Wyclef.

Eva has an ALMA

by Latin Gossip Staff on 04.06.2006 - Eva Longoria

Alma Awards to air on ABC on June 5th┬ Eva Longoria will host this years Alma Awards, celebrating Hispanic performances and representation in entertainment. The Alma Awards will take place in Los Angeles on May 7 but will air live on television on June 5th on ABC. I am worried for Eva though. She is so tiny that people may think that she is the actual award, pick her up, take her home, and lock her in a display in the living room. I am sure that her so-called “friends” on Desperate Housewives wouldn’t mind that.

Statue of Juanes

by Latin Gossip Staff on 04.05.2006 - Juanes

Juanes┬ Fans of Juanes will have another way to praise and love Juanes. A statue of Juanes will be placed in the city of Medellin in Colombia. In some strange way, I hope they make it Botero style! Juanes deserves this statue. In fact, Juanes does so much for his country and Latinos in general that I believe that he deserves a statue in every country. He also deserves the 5 awards he is nominated for in the upcoming Billboard Latin Awards.