Role Custom Made for Eva Mendes

by Latin Gossip Staff on 07.31.2006 - Eva Mendes

Eva MendesDirector Mark Steven Johnson was so interested in working with Eva Mendes that he “custom-made” a role for her in the much anticipated film Ghost Rider starring Nicolas Cage. Eva, Nic, and Mark were all at Comic Con to promote the film and Eva had this to say about her role.

“I play Roxanne Simpson…Roxanne in the comic book was blonde hair and blue eyes and just different visually from me. So I’m glad that he took a chance and gave it a little flavor, a little spice.”

I know they did this with Fantastic 4 as well because Invisible Woman was a blonde blue-eyed white woman and that role went to Jessica Alba. I’m glad to see innovative and courageous directors like Mark Steven Johnson who aren’t afraid to cast a Latino in a non-stereotypical role. For this, I say everyone go watch Ghost Rider when it comes out.

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Latin Quickies

by Latin Gossip Staff on 07.31.2006 - Chisme, Familia, Latin Quickies, Musica, Niurka Marcos, Shakira, Televisión

  • Niurka Marcos 2.jpgNiurka Marcos will not pose nude for Playboy magazine. Niurka wanted to be paid upfront but the magazine wanted to pay her a percentage of every magazine sold. We’ll have to wait until she runs out of money before she takes this offer, which should be in about two months.
  • Eduardo Yañez.jpgAccording to People en Español, actor Eduardo Yañez is now a citizen of The United States. He says the best part about this for him is that now he can file for residency for his son. On behalf of Latin Gossip, congratulations Eduardo!
  • Molotov.jpgThe Third annual Rock Prendido Tour is set to kick off on August 1st in New York. The tour consist of popular Rock en Español bands Molotov, Zoe, and Delux. Detailed schedule to come.
  • Univision.gifUnivision tied for second place amonst the coveted demographic of 18-35 year-olds in the US, according to Nielsen Ratings. Univision tied with NBC and beat out ABC, CBS, WB, and UPN, according to People En Español. Does that mean FOX was number one? Really?
  • Shakira.jpgShakira is returning to Mexico after several years of not performing there. She is confirmed for four performances in Mexico City, Guadalajara, and Monterrey as part of her latest tour.
  • Alicia Villareal.jpgAlicia Villareal went into the hospital Friday afternoon with pains and discomfort after a performance in Houston, Texas. Last week we discovered that she is about three months pregnant, this after having had her baby seven months ago. Calls to her representatives were not immediately returned.

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Eva Longoria Supports Immigrants

by Latin Gossip Staff on 07.31.2006 - Eva Longoria

Eva LongoriaLa Housewife Desesperada, Eva Longoria, is backing up the immigrant protest in The United States with very strong statements about the Latin community, history of immigrants, and the intentions of Latinos in the US.

She says, “It happened before in the Thirties where we had a huge deportation of Mexicans due to a racist policy, and it was horrible. But Mexicans and in particular Latinos in general contribute an enormous amount to this country, and I think it’s insulting to threaten deportation. The most honourable thing you can do with your life is support your family, and that’s what most of these people are doing. They leave their countries to come here and make three bucks an hour, and still send money home. I wouldn’t suggest I have the answer, but I’m sure there’s a set of opportunities we could offer. Because, after all, we are a land of immigrants. None of us would be here if our ancestors didn’t get a chance at one time or another.”

Good going Eva. She is obviously very connected to her Latin roots and she comes off as an intelligent and educated individual. Hopefully, we get to see this side of her more often.

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Latin Quickies

by Latin Gossip Staff on 07.28.2006 - Chisme, Cosmetic Surgery, Eva Longoria, Niurka Marcos, Televisión

  • Eva LongoriaEva Longoria reveals to Playboy Magazine that she is not engaged to Tony Parker and most definitely not pregnant. This was basically the only thing she revealed to Playboy because this Texican did not pose nude for the mag.
  • NiurkaBoth Niurka Marcos and Gloria Trevi had their lips plumped in the past few weeks. Congratulations to them, now they both look like bloated fish.
  • Miss Universe 2006.jpgRumors were going around that Zuleyka Rivera Mendoza, Miss Universe, was born in Peru. It is now confirmed that she was indeed born in Cayas, Puerto Rico. My people of Peru, don’t fret. You still have Laura Bozzo.
  • Ana Maria Canseco.jpgUnivision TV personality Ana Maria Canseco was honored in Miami last night for her successful career. Ana Maria is one of the hosts of Despierta America.
  • Montserrat Olivier.jpgActress Montserrat Olivier had to undergo emergency surgery on her spine yesterday but has since been released and is doing just fine. She was on set and fell, causing her back to go out.

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Miss Universe Claims She Eats

by Latin Gossip Staff on 07.28.2006 - Chisme

Miss UniverseZuleyka Rivera Mendoza, the fifth Miss Universe from Puerto Rico, wants to make it very clear that she didn’t faint from not eating. In fact, she claims that she has a nutritionist who tells her to eat six times a day.

“What happened was that it was hard to breathe and the dress was very tight and weighed a lot,” Rivera, 18, from Puerto Rico, tells the Associated Press. Despite speculation, a lack of food did not cause the fainting spell. “I eat very well, my nutritionist ordered me to eat six times a day.”

Zuleyka is getting ready to go on her first international trip as Miss Universe. She is heading off to Japan, Indonesia, and South Africa. If she eats six times a day she should add another location to her trip. She should stop by Nicole Richie’s house and teach her all there is about eating.