Christina Wouldn’t Do American Idol

by Latin Gossip Staff on 08.07.2006 - Christina Aguilera, Musica, Quotes, Televisión

ChristinaChristina Aguilera makes a few statements about the reality shows that are about singing contests. You’d think that she would say that she’d win any contest, but instead she says:

“It’s great for the kids to show their talents – and if this is really what they want to do, that’s a great way to start. “I’m not sure I’d enter now if I was trying to make it, though. The judges are so critical – I would be too afraid to fail!”

Am I the only one who thinks that she would cremate the competition? Like her music or not, her voice is phenomenal. Or is this just a bad case of an illness called modesty?

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Trouble in Paradise?

by Latin Gossip Staff on 08.07.2006 - Aracely Arambula, Chisme, Luis Miguel

180px-AArambula_albumcover.jpgFirst it was reported that Aracely Arambula could be two months pregnant with Luis Miguel’s baby. Latin America celebrated. But now it is being said that these two may not last.

The couple was most recently in New York, eating at a fancy shmancy restaurant, and witnesses say that the couple was not happy. Luis Miguel seemed very distant. Of course, I couldn’t just sit on this information without doing anything about it, so I got sources close to the couple to open up. They both informed me that Luis Miguel feels trapped and is looking to seperate. Uh-oh.

I certainly hope Aracely isn’t pregnant because that will be tough on her, but either way, he should be a man about it and be responsible for the baby. Not the way he has been with his supposed sixteen year-old daughter.

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Happy Independence Bolivia!

by Latin Gossip Staff on 08.06.2006 - Chisme

bolivia_flag.jpgFelicitaciones to all of my Bolivian readers. Today you celebrate your independence and I want to celebrate along with you. Hence the Yungueño in my hand.
Bolivia is a beautiful country with many things to offer and I urge you to learn a bit more about this country and its people if you don’t know already.

Richard Perez-Feria’s Last Days At People En Español

by Latin Gossip Staff on 08.04.2006 - Chisme

Richard Perez-Feria.jpgI received this in my inbox earlier today and have been laughing ever since. You will love this.

So I told you all about Richard getting fired from People En Español. There was a Good Riddance Going Away party thrown for Richard and sources tell me that Richard was on one end of the room while his supposed “friends” were all on the other side ignoring him. At one point, Richard started crying.

The best part is that I was informed that Richard took “all the awards that the magazine received in the last three years, even the ones that were given to specific individuals.” I guess he thinks he is the only reason the magazine received those awards. Richard, there is no “I” in team, but there certainly is an “I” in greedy ass mofo. No there isn’t. But it still fits.

Rogelio Martinez Caught in a Gay Scandal

by Latin Gossip Staff on 08.04.2006 - Gay, Musica

Rogelio Martinez1.jpgRogelio Martinez, a singer of Regional Mexican music which is probably the most macho of macho genres, finds himself in a sticky predicament with a gay nightclub. Rogelio had agreed to perform in a Los Angeles gay club called The Arena and was paid $14,000 in advance. But when Rogelio saw that shirtless pictures of him were being plastered all over LA, he decided to pull out of the show just three days before the scheduled appearance.

Rogelio did return the money, but is now being sued because the club had to cover many costs since he cancelled so late into the game. Rogelio doesn’t want anyone to find out that he was going to perform in a gay club, thinking that it may cause a backlash with his audience in Mexico. Too bad Rogelio, now we all know. Embrace the gay for pay.