Gloria Estefan Releases Album in Spain Only

by Latin Gossip Staff on 09.29.2006 - Musica, The Estefans

Gloria Estefan.jpgOye Mi Canto, a compilation of Gloria Estefan‘s greatest hits, is only being released in Spain. The singer took a moment to share with the press what she plans on doing in the next few months:

  • She is working with husband Emilio Estefan on a new album that should be ready for release in the summer of 2007.
  • It’ll be a more intimate, acoustic, and cuban album. It still doesn’t have a name because first I have to see the baby,” she says.
  • It will be recorded live in Miami in February and big name artists will attend to participate.
  • She is getting ready to release her second children’s book, El Tesoro de Noel, part of a collection of stories about a dog.
  • She mentioned that she still has one thing left to accomplish – “To sing in a free Cuba

Here’s to hoping she gets to sing Doctor, Doctor and Conga in a free Cuba one day. Plus, then she’ll be able to open her chain of restaurants, Bongos, over there as well.

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Michelle Rodriguez Helps AIDS Cause

by Latin Gossip Staff on 09.29.2006 - Michelle Rodriguez

Michelle Rodriguez.jpgMichelle Rodriguez did good by attending and supporting the IG International/Sanjana Jon AIDS tour alongside Miss Universe Zuleyka Rivera, but she did bad with how she showed up. Would it have hurt her to do something with the hair and put away the sunglasses so that it wouldn’t look like she mistook the event for a quick Quizno’s run?

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Juanes Keeps on Going and Going

by Latin Gossip Staff on 09.29.2006 - Juanes, Musica

Juanes Billboard1.bmpBillboard Magazine has given Juanes a new name. They are calling him Marathon Man for the successful 2-year run on the charts with the same album, Mi Sangre. Telling a man he is long-lasting enough to be called Marathon Man is a HUGE ego booster – ask any man, you’ll see.

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Penelope Cruz Exercises

by Latin Gossip Staff on 09.29.2006 - Penelope Cruz

peneloperunning.jpgPenelope Cruz takes a jog and obviously knows that the photographer is right behind her. Nobody jogs like that. She definitely wanted her assets to get the attention. More pictures of a disheveled Penelope after the jump. Continue reading »

Kumbia Allstarz Booed

by Latin Gossip Staff on 09.28.2006 - AB Quintanilla, Celebrity Blunder

AB Quintanilla4.jpgAB Quintanilla and his Kumbia Allstarz hit Monterrey, Mexico for a performance, but it seems that it may have been too soon for the band to do so. They were booed throughout their song and dance, presumably because of AB’s words. The band cut the performance short because the booing wouldn’t stop. Ouch!
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