Skip the Lecture, Just Sign

by Latin Gossip Staff on 05.17.2006 - Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz Autograph Autograph seekers are not too fond of Cameron Diaz. Apparently, Ms. Diaz will lecture you before she gives you an autograph. What does she lecture about? She makes sure that she gets her point across that autographs are stupid and they make no sense.

While I somewhat agree with this, I think we need to remind Ms. Diaz that it wasn’t too long ago that she was posing topless for some unknown sleazy photographer so she could make a buck, all while praying and hoping that someone would ask for her autograph. Maybe we should stop asking for her autograph, but at the same time stop going to see her films too. Lecture that Diaz!

Eva Likes to be on Top

by Latin Gossip Staff on 05.16.2006 - Cameron Diaz, Chisme, Eva Longoria, Jessica Alba

Eva LongoriaĀ Eva Longoria topped Maxim Magazine’s Hot 100 List again this year. It is nice to see a Latina on top. In fact, the top 10 was made up of 40% Latinas. Jessica Alba (No. 2), Cameron Diaz (No. 7), and Christina Milian (No. 10) represented well.

I love these girls. I really do. I am just not sure if any of these girls can speak fluent Spanish. People, let’s keep our language alive and flourishing. It isn’t enough that our parents are from ‘such and such’ country. We also need to keep on top of our culture and keep passing it on. Which is why, unfortunately, I have turned down proposals from all of these girls. Honest.

Imanol’s Father Shut Out From Competing

by Latin Gossip Staff on 05.15.2006 - Chisme

Imanol On Reyes de la Pista, Imanol disclosed that his asthma has turned into hypoglycemia and could become chronic if not treated properly. This prevented him from participating in last night’s live show. He asked his fellow companions as well as the judges if his father could help replace him instead. They said no.

NO??!! NO??!! How heartless can you be? This kid is hardly breathing, asking you to let his father replace him in a dance competition so he can recuperate and not die and you say NO??!! Did you forget what the purpose of the show was? It was to help pregnant Mexicans who can’t afford ANYTHING and, because of your insecurities, you say no?

Because the decision was made through secret ballots, nobody knows for sure who said no. Someone will burn in Hell…you know who you are.

Goal! Doesn’t Meet its Goal

by Latin Gossip Staff on 05.15.2006 - Chisme, Kuno Becker

Kuno Becker in Goal! Hardly anyone went to see this film this weekend. Goal! The Dream Begins, starring Kuno Becker, only made $2 million opening weekend. So now you know why I put ‘Goal! Doesn’t Meet its Goal.’ Get it? I’m so clever.
In continuing with clichĆ© phrases, Just My Luck, starring Lindsay Lohan, ran out of luck as it only made $5.5 million opening weekend. These are the worst opening weekend numbers in Lindsay’s career. I guess crashing your car into others doesn’t go so well with the public. Better Luck next time! Can’t…stop…the…clichĆ©s…

Diva from Peru

by Latin Gossip Staff on 05.12.2006 - Chisme

Laura Laura Bozzo, known for having the Spanish version of Jerry Springer, has left Telemundo and is getting offers from Televisa, which means that she would air on Univision in the US.

The drama here is that she will now be joining forces with Telemundo’s biggest competitor, AND she would have to share the spotlight with Cristina. Laura says “Univision should have two divas, and they are Cristina and me.” Maybe now Cristina will put down the turkey leg and actually deliver a quality show, something she hasn’t done since 1998.